1. EM ROSSI’s “ANIMAL” is released!!!

    There is a singer/songwriter to keep in mind from Northern CA: Em Rossi. These are exciting days in the Summer/Fall of 2015, hearing the new songs and seeing her find solid ground again.
    I am marveling at the Jim McGorman- produced tracks, hearing how far Em has traveled from a year and half ago! There are two gems so far; wait til you hear “Madness” and see the rough-cut video and hear “Earthquake”(watch for it soon); top notch songs!

    I just had a few listens to her latest called “Animal” and it comes on strong, really cool track and arrangements. Em really steps it up a notch for this one!

    There is a lot more to her story, stay tuned for Em Rossi.


  2. BERKLEE orchestration course-final project!

    Finished up the Berklee course; I am so lit!! The most musical fun I’ve had in quite some time. Ben Newhouse, the course instructor, crammed a lot of info into us. Talented bunch of participants too; my fellow students rocked it, either by turning in beautiful scores or wonderful recordings of their work. The final projects from the group were all varied and really well done.

    Here’s my final: it was inspired by a book I read to my wife, “The Jump-Off Creek” by Molly Gloss. It takes place in the late-1800s rural Oregon; the central character Lydia Sanderstrom lives a dead-end life in Pennsylvania. After her husband dies, she sells everything and heads West, buys a plot of land, two mules, two goats, supplies and makes her way to see the neglected acreage and run-down shack she’d bought. The story tells of the harsh country, the few neighbors she has, and how important they are to each other; growing food and planning for the Winter ahead; the reflections on how far she’d come, the hope and exhilaration of even the little triumphs.

    So it’s a vignette of themes; it starts with dawn at the Jump-Off Creek, then ripples through the hardship, loneliness, and the hope of Spring and changing fortunes. I named it “Homestead” after a mix playback; a friend just said it at the end…seemed like a good fit! Next step is to hear it played someday… the allure of orchestrating!

    Here is Homestead-hope you enjoy: ‘Homestead’ Berklee final wk12 short

  3. Breaking A Habit

    Breaking dishes, old habits, ponies…a funny term that runs the gamut. Currently, today, it would be old habits. I want to be here visiting and sharing, and the silliest stuff gets in the way! All ideas and potions are welcome, by year’s end I aim to break a silly old habit!