It's fun to see this part of the site spring to life!

The "Demos" section will be songs that went on to be recorded by other singers, or by us, or more often tossed into the dustbin. This is a chance for some of the better songs to be heard; we'll throw in a few of the funky ones, too. There've been times when I thought our demos had a certain something that the final lacked. As well, other songs came to life in the process, and hearing the difference can be fun.

"Snippets" are little sections of a groove, a lyric idea, or a melody that we liked and haven't developed into a song. Yet…

So with that, here are a few to start-we hope you enjoy!


Demo Features

We'll be posting some standout song demos, changing the array from time to time…


I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY(Who Loves Me) ©1985 Merrill/Rubicam - We wrote this song for Whitney Houston's second album after receiving a special request from Clive Davis; naturally we were thrilled to get busy writing as soon as he called. The demo was engineered and mixed by Joey Wolpert at Paul+Angie Kreiling’s backyard studio in Santa Monica, California over a day and evening; it's more of a pop/rock version. Shortly after Whitney's version became a hit we performed the song live as a ballad, just for fun… turns out the song is quite versatile! Our demo version also appears on a compilation called #1 With A Bullet.

JOSIE AIELLO singer/writer

Coming Of Age ©Merrill/Rubicam/Aiello - one of our all-time faves, Josie sounds great!

Time Stands Still ©Merrill/Rubicam - written for a Celine or Whitney type back in the big and giant power ballad days

ANGELA AMMONS singer/writer

It's Natural ©Merrill/Rubicam - written for the Mel Gibson movie ”What Women Want” (didn't make it in), scene where he's with his daughter shopping for a prom dress- turn down your TV and put this on, imagine it's part of the soundtrack!

The Distance ©Merrill/Rubicam/Ammons - a co-write with Angela, she missed her boyfriend back in Nashville, and we wrote about it.

Blue Sky ©Merrill/Rubicam - bright little song!

SHARLOTTE GIBSON singer/writer

Patience Of My Love ©Merrill/Rubicam/Kennedy - co-write w/Eliot Kennedy; Sharlotte sang this song beautifully.

JADE VILLALON singer/writer

Oxygen ©Merrill/Rubicam/Dulaney - sweet vocal Jade! Oxygen was a foray into writing ultra sweet and light pop songs for younger singers.

Run Before You Crawl ©Merrill/Rubicam/Kennedy - co-write w/ Eliot


Learning to Fly

I found this in the file the other day...a little demo for the Wild Thornberries movie, the songstart “Learning to Fly,” nice lil snippet...They ended up using Paul Simon’s song, and it fit the movie nicely. [Posted 11/6/03]

KAOSS Hardsnip Stretch

Hokay...first up is a little delightful snip I made last week using Reaktor and Absynth, and a few other ’s a construction piece with two and four-bar sections for verses, breakdowns, etc. CAUTION! Turn your speakers down initially, this is LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS!!! [Posted 8/5/03]