about bouncy ball music

I’d like to fill you in on my budding new business called Bouncy Ball Music. I envision it to be writer and song-centric, with the emphasis on making sure a tune is developed before heading off to spend your production money. I know those perils well, having jumped too soon into the studio on many occasions! I’d like to help writers enjoy the arranging/recording process, and I think that starts with creating the best foundation.

about george and studio107

Grew up east of Seattle, took piano lessons in 1963 that paved my road; lived
in Los Angeles for a third of a life- and now home is with my family in Northern California. I enjoy friends, food and all things local!

Studio107 is a writing studio, a great place to develop song ideas, record vocals and mix. If we need to record live drums we head over to another local studio. There’s an upright acoustic piano, guitars and bass, dulcimer, pump organ, vintage synths, analog mix board and good mics, Pro Tools/ Ableton Live/ Digital Performer and more.

about how a songwriting session might unfold

Sometimes we agree you’ve already written an awesome tune! In that case, I might like to send it along to someone. Other times we may co-write, or I might suggest you revisit a particular section. Because it will vary, there is no fee up front; song by song we’ll sort what’s needed and a payment that’s fair- likely a small publishing split, or a flat fee for services. If we decide to record, then Studio107 kicks in with a day rate, and production/arranging fees.

Bouncy Ball Music is about creating the best song. Studio107 can help you record it.